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Cake Boards and Drums

We are supplies a wide range of cake boards, in many different thicknesses that will suit those who are skilled in the art of sugar craft and cake decorating. Cake decorators now require a wide range of cake making accessories and cake boards to allow the finished item to be well supported as well as giving the basis for their work of art.

As we understand your range of requirements within your cake shops as well as the specialised cake craft shops popping up in our local high streets and wholesale environments, we offer you a wide range of our cake boards to satisfy the cake making accessories needed.

As you will see below we can offer 3 different thicknesses of cake boards: single thickness cake boards, double thick boards and also cake drums in both round and square sizes, covering different quantities for you to order at your ease.

We hold all of these products in stock and are available for a next working day basis subject to our terms and conditions.